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Fault Tolerant Routing Algorithm for OTIS-2D-Torus Interconnection Networks



This paper proposes an enhanced fault-tolerant routing algorithm for the OTIS-2D-tours interconnection network,. Many researchers work have been presented on the Torus related topics, but not often research addressed the OTISTorus.In the proposed algorithm, each node A starts by computing the first level unsafety set, , composed of the set of unreachable direct neighbours within the OTIS-2D-tours topology. It then performs m-1 exchanges with its neighbours to determine the k-level unsafety sets for all 1 ï‚£ k ï‚£ m, where m is an adjustable parameter between 1 and 2n+1; diameter of the network. The k-level unsafety set at node A represents the set of all faulty nodes at Hamming distance k from A which either faulty or unreachable from A due to faulty nodes or links. Equipped with these unsafety sets we show how each node calculates numeric unsafety vectors and uses them to achieve efficient fault-tolerant routing for the OTIS-2D-tours.

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