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For Libraries

By eliminating subscription fees, the Open Access model and InTech's flexible Copyright policies are making it possible for libraries to connect readers to high quality content and expand their catalogs at no cost.

The material stored in our database is exclusively in PDF format and libraries are permitted to link this database, to self-archive all or part of the content and print or photocopy for the private use of patrons on condition that the original authors and the source are given credit.

Teaching staff are freely permitted to use the material for teaching, conference presentations, lectures and other non-commercial professional activities.

We invite librarians around the world to link to our content and contact us if necessary in order to provide their researchers with academic material which is accessible without financial or technical barriers.

To include our collection in your database, please consult the Linking Terms and Conditions.

We would be delighted if you would inform us of your interest in linking to our content by sending us an email at Please also use this address if you have any questions about providing our content to your readers.