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A Trustful Routing Protocol for Ad-hoc Network



Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a wireless system that comprises mobile nodes. It is usually referred to a decentralized autonomous system. Self configurability and easy deployment feature of the MANET resulted in numerous applications in this modern era. Its routing protocol has to be able to cope with the new challenges that a MANET creates such as nodes mobility, security maintenance, and quality of service, limited bandwidth and limited power supply. These challenges set new demands on MANET routing protocols. With the increasing interest in MANETs, there has been a greater focus on the subject of securing such networks. However, the majority of these MANET secure routing protocols did not provide a complete solution for all the MANETs\' attacks and assumed that any node participating in the MANET is not selfish and that it will cooperate to support different network functionalities. My thesis strategy is to choose one of the secure routing protocols according to its security-effectiveness, study it and analyze its functionality and performance. The authenticated routing for ad hoc networks (ARAN) secure routing protocol was chosen for analysis. Then, the different existing cooperation enforcement schemes were surveyed so that to come up with a reputation-based scheme to integrate with the ARAN protocol. The result of that integration is called: Trustful-ARAN. Consequently, the ARAN is capable of handling both selfish and malicious nodes\' attacks. The improvement is obtained at the cost of a higher overhead percentage with minimal increase in the average number of hops. The Trustful-ARAN proves to be more efficient and more secure than normal ARAN secure routing protocol in defending against both malicious and authenticated selfish nodes.

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