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International Journal of Advancements in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Monitoring System of Temperature Field in Pipeline Subjected to Multi-Wire Submerged Arc Welding



The investigation focuses on particular aspects and features related to the spatial measurement of temperatures, in the case of longitudinal multiple-wire submerged arc welding of pipelines. The research methodology is based on the combination of traditional measuring methods of temperature, such as thermocouples and digital pyrometers, with modern methods, like infrared thermography technique. The infrared thermography method provides the temperature field distribution on the welded plate surface, while numerical methods give information on temperature in the entire welded joint, including on the plate thickness. The authors propose a dual monitoring system of temperature measurement in longitudinal welded pipelines which comprises K-type thermocouples and an infrared thermo-camera. The temperatures values are recorded through four devices (recorders) with different number of channels which continuously monitor the temperature in the welded joint. The thermo-camera is used to acquire the instantaneous values of the temperature and to visualize the heat field distribution on the bottom surface of the pipeline. The system is designed to be used in industrial applications for temperature monitoring of and further to predict the microstructural changes that determine important degradation of mechanical properties in welded pipelines.

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