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Emergency Indication and Warning System for fishermen



This paper is done in the intention of saving and protecting our fishermen from natural disasters and boundary crossing. The device will consist of a tracker and a travel logger that will help locate the position of the fishermen by the coast guard. It will give a warning when the fishermen cross the boundary to themselves and to the coast guard. It will also consist of a sensor that will detect storm, and warn the fishermen and the coast guard in case of danger such as heavy storm, etc. In case of such danger or of any kind, the coast guard, nearby police station and hospital will be intimated automatically. The fisherman can also manually intimate the coast guard, nearby police station and hospital. If in case of tsunami alerts, the coast guard or the nearby police station can intimate the fishermen. This device also enables the alerts to reach the fishermen. Also the device will be made using a material such that it will float on water and will not be affected due to contact with water. The device will be run by solar cells and in the absence of sunlight, will be supplied by a 5V rechargeable battery.

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