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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

FPGA Based Single Phase Multilevel Inverter



The application of Field programmable Gate Array(FPGA) in the development of electronics circuit control scheme has drawn much attention lately due to its shorter design cycle, lower cost and higher density. This paper presents an FPGA based gate signal generator for single phase multilevel inverter employing a sinusoidal PWM switching strategy to control its output voltage. The XILINX FPGA based single phase multilevel PWM inverter was constructed by adding a bi-directional switches to the conventional bridge topology. The inverter can produce three and five different output voltage levels across the load. FPGA is chosen for the hardware implementation of switching strategy mainly due to its high computation speed that can ensure the accuracy of the instants that gating signals are generated. VHDL language is used to model the inverter switching strategies The PWM pulses were downloaded in FPGA(XC3S400PQ208) from Spartan 3. In addition to FPGA, Xilinx/modelsim software was used for simulation and verification of the proposed circuit before implementation. Simulation results are obtained which will be compared with the experimental results.

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