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Author(s) : HEISUM EWAD


Grinding is usually the last finishing operation to be completed on the work piece and hence any deviations in quality such as geometrical errors and surface finish cannot be passed onto the next operation. Grinding is classified as a machining process that removes material from the work piece using similar principles to that of milling or turning. However, instead of having the one large cutting edge, there are numerous small cutting edges by way of grits on the grinding wheel surface, with all of them working together at extremely high speeds. One of the main problems in grinding is the growing vibration (Chatter) between wheel and work piece during the process. Many studies and tests have been made in order to detect and avoid this dynamic phenomenon which affects a number of parameters including wheel wear and work piece quality. However, a possible method to prevent this type of chatter is to apply a periodic disengagement of the wheel from the work piece and periodic variation of the work speed. This paper present a review of vibration assisted grinding. A development a controller for single axis vibration in grinding technology is reveal. A system calibration and experiment result including the forces, Power, grinding Coefficient, specific removal arte and specific energy software based control system is illustrated together with some results.

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Volume 5 : Issue 2
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