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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Model Predictive Control Of PWM Rectifier Supplied By Unbalanced Source Voltage



This paper proposes a new control of pulse width modulation PWM rectifier supplied by unbalanced voltage source where model based predictive control (MPC) is the main control method. Using this new control, it is possible to obtain sinusoidal input current with unity power factor under unbalanced conditions. This control requires two steps. First, the unbalanced phase voltage and input line current are decomposed on separate positive and negative sequences. Second, compensated active and reactive powers are calculated in function of the sequences of voltage and current and added to the referencing one. Thus the referencing currents are calculated from the resulting active and reactive powers. Based on discrete model of the PWM rectifier the future value of currents are determined, next the switching state from the eight possible switching states that gives the minimum cost function is selected to be applied on a semiconductor device. The model based predictive control of PWM rectifier with the unbalance voltage source possibility was simulated. Simulation results verified the effectiveness and fast dynamic response of the proposed control strategy.

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