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Corporate governance convergence and sustainability



The globalization of markets and information has determined the search for convergence between the systems of corporate governance, especially with reference to listed companies. Particularly, the growing integration of financial markets seems to be a key factor of convergence of corporate governance systems. In the last quarter century, the convergence has been promoted by regulatory and selfregulatory actions directed to the spread of best practices of corporate governance. A host of regulation, standards, recommendations, programmes and much more have emerged; from OECD Principles of Corporate Governance (1999, 2004, 2015) to the UN Guidance on Good Practices in Corporate Governance Disclosure. These initiatives are undoubtedly necessary and useful, but they seem to promote a so-called ‘de jure’ convergence rather than a substantial or ‘de facto’ convergence. Governance practices vary not only across countries but also across firms and their spirit of governance. The main question we want to answer in this paper is if sustainability and the broader concept of social responsibility imply a change in the spirit of governance, which promotes de facto convergence between the different systems of corporate governance existing all over the word. In fact, this spirit is inextricably linked to the culture and performance of organisations, and it implies a focus on the principles and values that dominate internal and external relations, internal processes of behavioural orientation, enhancement of transparency requirements and multidimensionality of responsibilities, objectives and results.

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