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International Journal of Advancements in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Finite Element Modelling of Different 2D Re-Entrant Structures of Auxetic Materials



Auxetic materials exhibit a unique characteristics when subjected to uniaxial loading. Various structures have been used to model these materials. Among most important auxetic structures, re-entrant structures are of interest in this present study. These structures have different shapes in which are known as lozenge grids, sinusoidal ligaments, square grids, double arrowhead, and structurally hexagonal re-entrant honeycomb could be named. In this paper, finite element approach for the abovementioned structures was employed to obtain basic mechanical properties including Poisson’s ratio and elastic modulus. The study aims at investigating the effect of cross sectional geometry on mechanical properties. For each structure, three different cross sectional geometries were numerically examined. It is evident that mechanical properties of the material could be controlled by changing the geometry of the cross section. The primary outcome of the study is the design guideline on the effect of cross sectional geometry on mechanical properties of auxetic structures.

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