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International Journal of Advancements in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Study the internal surface and geometrical characteristics of cylindrical workpiece in ECH



Electrochemical honing (ECH) is an electrolytic precision micro-finishing technology based on the hybridization of the electrochemical machining and conventional honing process. The ECH technology provides the controlled functional surface generation and fast material removal capabilities of work piece in a single action. This paper presents the distinctive findings of wide-ranging experimental research designed to explore the effect of key ECH process parameters on the workpiece surface micro-geometrical and material removal aspects. In the present work, an experimental setup was designed to study the effect of key parameters on the performance of internal surface and geometric characteristics. The electrolyte concentration, rotary speed, sticks out pressure and flow rate are process parameters selected for the experimental work. Design of experiment is employed for conducting the experiment and analyzing the data. Quadratic equations have been developed to analyze the effect of parameters and their interaction on response parameters. The improvement in surface roughness (SR) is observed at maximum value of electrolyte concentration and stick out pressure, medium value of flow rate and rotary speed. The improvement in out of roundness (OOR) is observed at maximum value of rotary speed, medium value of electrolyte concentration and flow rate and minimum value of stick out pressure.

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