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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Performance Analysis of Hybrid Optical Amplifiers in 120 x 10 Gbps WDM Optical Network with Channel Spacing of 50 GHz



We investigated the performance of RAMAN-- EDFA, RAMAN-SOA, EDFA-SOA hybrid Amplifiers in 120 channel WDM systems with each channel having data rate 10 Gbps at reduced channel spacing of 50 GHz. The performance has been compared on the basis of different fiber length at dispersion equal to 2 ps/nm/km in terms of Q- factor, BER and Eye opening. The results showed that RAMAN – EDFA provides the highest Q-factor, lowest BER and maximum eye opening up to distance of 100 km as compared to RAMAN-SOA and EDFASOA hybrid amplifiers. RAMAN – EDFA is the best alternative to RAMAN-SOA and EDFA-SOA in high capacity WDM system with reduced channel spacing.

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Page(s) : 54 - 57
Electronic ISSN : 2319 - 7498
Volume 4 : Issue 1
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