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Five Upcoming Technology Trends in Entrepreneurship

Author(s) : MLADEN RAJKO   


Each new era brings new trends in entrepreneurship, and those who manage to recognize them and adjust for their benefit become successful entrepreneurs. Over the last 100 years, the society has gone through an industrial and technological revolution, and new inventions and the appearance of new trends in biology, chemistry, IT, technology, engineering, processes, communication, management and economy are getting faster and faster and people have to adapt themselves ever faster. Business is evolving online at breakneck speed. Enterprising and forward-thinking entrepreneurs will follow the hottest trends and find ways to capitalize on them. Every great tech company in existence today is there because someone saw an opportunity and capitalized on it, and the future promises to bring many more great companies to fruition. Whether you are interested in building an online empire yourself, or in investing in progressive companies, here are five trends that offer unlimited potential.

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Page(s) : 93 - 94
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Volume 1 : Issue 3
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