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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Numerical Investigations on Static Response of Laced Steel-Concrete composite slabs



Laced Steel-Concrete Composite (LSCC) system consists of perforated steel cover plates, which are connected using reinforcing members and cross rods, and infilled with concrete. Reinforcing members are in the form of continuously bent rods known as lacing, which transfer shear continuously. This enhances the ductility and rotational capacity of the system. Experimentally, it has been demonstrated that LSCC beam possess high rotational capacity, which makes it suitable for structures resisting suddenly applied loads such as blast loads . In this study, an attempt is made to integrate LSCC flexural units into one way slab. Finite element model of LSCC unit is generated using a combination of solid, shell and beam elements. Finite element model is validated with the results obtained from experimental investigations carried out on LSCC beams. Responses from numerical simulation are found to match well with the experimental results. Same approach is adopted to model the proposed LSCC slab. Individual LSCC structural components are modeled separately and cross rods, which are provided on the outer sides of the steel cover plates to hold the lacings in position are extended throughout all the LSCC components so that all components will act as a single structural system. Numerical investigations are carried out on LSCC slabs subjected to static loading. Through numerical investigation, proposed system is found to be effective in resisting the externally applied loads.

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