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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Knowledge and Interactive Communication As a Virtual Path for The Urban Heritage



The understanding of our modern world is strictly linked to the knowledge of the past as the future depends on our understanding of the present. This research aims at analyzing and promoting the instruments to develop cultural interaction and knowledge exchange for interuniversities cooperation. The above ideas will be realized through a shared platform for data communication and its basis device is the digital room project. It constitutes a space where the faculties of architecture can exploit their work and give it a new dimension, connecting other structures located in the partners' universities. Therefore knowledge will be transmitted through the access to a shared database. The platform will be implemented through the intervention of several expertises, in order to develop a dynamic system and to share the scientific researching activities and methodologies, in the long term it is foreseen to clone the e-rooms in order to create a network of the most important universities of the world. Through this devices, Università Politecnica delle Marche is developing an ongoing shared system to cooperate within an international level and within the Uniadrion network, which connects several universities in the Adriatic territory. These ones will have the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the Eastern Mediterranean culture as a first step for a mutual cultural understanding. The proposed multi-disciplinary and international laboratory is a virtual infrastructure aimed at supporting the creation and the official constitution of the Adriatic & Ionian Macroregion as a new geo-political institution.

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