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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

An Approach for Model Based Programming Using LabVIEW



The purpose of this paper is to present a detailed description of model based programming (MBP) approach for addressing problems associated with designing complex control systems. Text-based programming tools are pooled with lengthy paths in designing the complex system. With this view in consideration, the concept of graphical programming language is evolved. The graphical languages provide simplicity which can be easily manipulated by the user in an interactive way. These languages use specific spatial grammar for program construction. Lab VIEW being a graphical programming language supports system design platform. Such a platform provides engineers with the tools needed to create and put forth measurements and control system. With its built-in engineeringspecific libraries of software functions and hardware interfaces, one can program mathematical model instead of writing text codes. The above said lesson is illustrated by considering a case study i.e., design of Automatic Gain Controller system (AGC) using MBP approach. Automatic Gain Control is used in electronic devices where maintaining a constant signal level at the output in-spite of the variation in the input level. The case study demonstrates that Model based approach helps one in programming complex systems without much knowledge of conventional programming languages.

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