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International Journal of Advances in Electronics Engineering

Overhead Reduction in Wireless Cellular Networks using Fuzzy Technology



The tremendous growth of wireless networks demands the need to meet different multimedia (audio, video, text, etc) applications available over the network. This application demand and allocation could lead to high overhead of data if the network has to maintain such a high resources for the Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of the applications. High overhead in communication networks occurs when too many packets, i.e., traffic, are contending for limited shared resources such as the bandwidth and buffer. If the bandwidth is not available or if the buffer in the base station is not available, then the data packets will be dropped. In such cases, the same data packets need to be retransmitted. This situation causes extra burden on the network. In our scheme, we propose such a framework for reducing the overhead in wireless multimedia network using fuzzy technology. The framework comprises design and development of new techniques and tools to address the above mentioned issue. In our scheme, we consider the channel condition between the source and the base station, and the availability of buffer at the base station in order to control the data flow within the network.

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