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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Information Technology and Criminal Investigation



Information communication technology deals with information systems, there for data storage, data access, data retrieval, data analysis and data intelligent decision making. Then Information communication technology has referred to creation, processing, gathering, storaging, presenting and a dissemination of information and they also processes and devices are enable all are to be done. The disuse of the technology has prepared the ornaments of the enactment and implementations are the cyber laws. Now a days, computers are playing a major type of role in the almost every kind of crimes that are committed. In the Citizens must not be under the impressions that are cyber crimes are vanishing and must realizing with each of passing days, cyberspaces are become a more dangerously. those places to be in where criminals crime roam freely to the executing their criminal intentions encourage by the so-called anonymities that provide of internet . The Paper focuses are on the new legislations which are covering all of the aspects of the Cyber Crime. They should be passed because of the grey areas are the law can be the removed[4].

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