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Causes of Filtration the Water in Roller Compacted Concrete Dams (RCC). 2° Part – Recommendations



This work is a continuation of the one published at 8th International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering ACSM 2018 Paris, and the International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering IJCSE. The origin of water leaks, construction defects and deterioration of concrete processes that, over time, would affect the safety of the dam, is explained so it is strongly recommended its intervention to stop the flow of water. This paper presents an ordered set of tasks that are intended to reduce water leaks and interrupt the progressive processes of deterioration on the concrete. The tasks involve treatments on the Foundation and the body of the dam. To avoid water leaks of the dam body, a sequence of tasks is proposed to achieve the impermeability of the cracked wall. In order to evaluate the efficiency of each one of the tasks to be carried out, it is proposed that all works are executed with water-filled reservoir. Otherwise, with empty reservoir, there would be no way to control or to know whether the operation was satisfactory done until reservoir is refilled.

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