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Technological proposal for cognitive modeling through the solution of problems using the game "La Escalera"



To carry out an analysis of cognitive modeling, an inclusive prototype should be used, that is, that allows the participation of the largest possible population, including the population with sensory disability, deaf or blind. In the Distrital Francisco José de Caldas University, the prototype of the game "La Escalera" is proposed, which poses a mathematical problem to be solved. This prototype consists of a board game of 8 cubes divided into two groups of 4 cubes and a board in the form of a ladder, each cube having to exchange its position with a cube of the other group respecting the rules of the game, while the game is solved, the prototype provides visual, auditory and tactile help; And in turn it collects all the movements that are made. As the user advances in the game, the data obtained from the movements made by the user with the cards will be saved in an Excel file, thus capturing the movements and errors committed by the participant. To visualize the results obtained, a graphical interface is created in the Matlab software that allows loading the Excel file generated by the prototype. In this interface all the movements made by the user in each of the different levels of the game are observed, taking into account both the movements that lead to the solution of the game and the errors that deviate from it. The repetitive movements that the user made are also expressed in this interface and visualized with different colors for each step.

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