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International Journal of Advances in Electronics Engineering

Content Based Retrieval for Number Plate Extraction of Vehicle



Number plate recognition (NPR) is one of the most important applications of applying computer techniques towards intelligent transportation systems (ITS). In order to recognize a number plate efficiently, location and extraction of the number plate is the key step. Hence finding the position of a number plate in a vehicle image is considered to be the most crucial step of an NPR system, and this in turn greatly affects the recognition rate and overall speed of the whole system. This paper mainly deals with the detecting number plate location issues in Indian traffic conditions. The vehicles in India sometimes bare extra textual regions, such as owner\\\'s name, symbols, popular sayings and advertisement boards in addition to number plate. Situation insists for accurate discrimination of text class and fine aspect ratio analysis. Disparity of aspect ratios is a typical feature of Indian traffic. In this paper we proposed method which aims at identifying region of interest by using Sobel operator for edge detection and a series of morphological processing. This algorithm is tested on large database of images taken in different conditions provides the extraction of number plate with success rate of 95%.

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