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International Journal of General Chemistry

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Murat Ates, Namik Kemal University, Turkey

International Journal of General Chemistry, an international peer-reviewed, open access journal, aims to publish original research articles and review articles across diverse fields of General Chemistry.

Journal Code : IJGC
Electronic ISSN : 2475-2266
Upcoming : Volume 1 : Issue 1
Publishing Date : 20 May, 2022
Contact : journals@theired.org

IJGC is an international forum for scientists, researchers and engineers involved in all aspects of General Chemistry and its related areas to publish high quality, referred papers. The Journal offers survey and review articles from experts in the field, promoting insight and understanding of the state of art, and latest trends in the field. The content include original research and innovation ideas, applications from all over the world.

IJGC seeks high-quality papers reporting new concepts, analyses and experimental results in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Kinetics of Complex, Multiphase and Hybrid Processes
  • Catalysts Synthesis and Characterization
  • New Catalytic Processes
  • Catalytic and Multiphase Reactors
  • Polymerization Reactors
  • Electro-, Photo- and Sono-Chemical Reactors
  • Phase Equilibrium and Phase Transport
  • Innovation and Separation Processes
  • Membrane Processes
  • Membrane Science
  • Simulation and Separation Equipment Design
  • Hybrid and Membrane Processes
  • Structured Systems, Meso and Micro Reactors
  • Non-conventional Energetic Technologies in Chemical Processes

All the papers published in IJGC will be archived in SEEK Digital Library. Paper for publication are selected through rigorous peer review process to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance and readability. All published papers are also available freely with online full-text content and permanent wordwide weblink.

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