How It Works

We at IRED, aspire to select research paper, through highest quality peer review. To achieve this, the entire peer review and publication process must be thorough, objective, and fair.


The internet allows us to distribute knowledge more widely, more efficiency and at a lower cost than was previously possible. However, publishing still has costs that need to be covered – such as proof reading, copyediting, digital presentation and preservation, promotion and dissemination of your work, printing and express delivery of one hard copy of the publication sent directly to you.

With Open Access, authors (or their institutions or funders) pay an Article Processing Charge to cover these costs, ensuring their work is properly evaluated for quality and made easy to find, download and read. Open Access publishing offers the same indexing, archiving, searching and linking capabilities that are part of conventional publishing.

Open Access offers all the benefits of conventional publishing, with much greater readership potential