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Publish Thesis E-Book

If you are working on or planning a research project and you wish to publish your findings, we invite you to publish your work with us.

You can choose to publish your work as:

  • A single-author monograph - a specialized scientific thesis written by one main author
  • A multiple-author monograph - a scientific thesis written by more than one author
  • An edited thesis - a research thesis in which each chapter is written by a different contributor and edited by an expert scholar

All our publications are published online under the Open Access model. Open Access means that everything published by IRED is immediately available online for FREE. To start a publishing project with IRED, please fill in this Publishing Proposal Form and return it by email at purpose of this form is to provide us with a general idea of your publishing proposal and present it to our Editorial Board for their consideration and approval. A decision will be sent within 30 days of receipt.

NOTE: to complete this form you will need your updated scientific CV