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International Journal of Advances in Electronics Engineering

Design of Conveyor Monitoring Controller with Wireless System



In this paper we design a conveyor monitoring controller with wireless system. Conveyor systems are one of the commonly used devices for the transportation of parts from one workplace to another and for horizontal transport in manufacturing systems. In today\'s world it is difficult to get manpower, besides transportation by means of truck or railways is also not economical in some applications. In such places wireless control of the conveyor controller plays an important role that is to reduce the manual work and save funds for the enterprise. This proposed design is highly suitable for applications running at extreme temperature and pressures where human control is difficult. Also immediate response at both the ends is achieved, including safety measures. In this paper we design a Prototype model of conveyor controller, BASCON-51 coding of microcontroller, wireless monitor using programming. Measurement Techniques with calculations of conveyor speed at the locate site controller along with counter calculations is also explained.

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