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International Journal of Advances in Electronics Engineering

Efficient Utilization of Resources for Hierarchical Scheduling of Real-Time Systems



The Hierarchical Scheduling Framework (HSF) has been introduced as a design-time framework to enable compositional schedulability analysis of embedded software systems with real-time properties. In this paper, a software system consists of a number of semi-independent components called Subsystems. Subsystems are developed and later integrated to form a system. To support this design process, the proposed methods allow non-intrusive configuration and tuning of subsystem timing-behaviour via subsystem interfaces for selective scheduling parameters. Three overrun methods to handle overrun due to resource sharing between subsystems in the HSF. The analysis is generalized to allow for Rate-Monotonic (RM) scheduling. Also, a further contribution to this is the technique of calculating resource-holding times within the framework under different scheduling algorithms; the resource-holding times being an important parameter in global schedulability analysis.

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