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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Conversion of 3A Zeolite from Bagasse Ash and Aluminium Hydroxide Sludge



This work aim to synthesis of a 3A zeolite (K-LTA) obtained by a fusion process of potassium salt, synthesized from the bagasse ash. The bagasse ash and aluminium hydroxide sludge were sources of starting materials for K-A zeolite (3A zeolite) conversion using the alkali fusion hydrothermal process.The bagasse ash and potassium salt were mixed at the weight ratio of 1:1.2 and then fused at 550°C for 1 hour prior to the hydrothermal treatment. After that, the hydroxide solution was added to the fused material slurry and thoroughly stirred at 105± 3 °C in the stainless steel reactor. The reaction time was varied from 1 to 6 hours. The results showed that the highest yield of 3A zeolite conversion was approximately 62% and was obtained from the mixtures containing hydroxide solution,stirred for 5 hours.

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Volume 5 : Issue 2
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