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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Stiffness Coefficients for Caisson Foundations Supporting Offshore Wind Energy Converters



A wide range of novel Offshore applications are emerging in the energy sector. Actually, Offshore Wind Energy is one of the most attractive sources of renewable energy. During the last decade, Offshore Wind Turbines were extensive application throughout the worldwide. However, the efficiency of Offshore Wind Turbines especially foundations in one of the currently challenges. In the past, suction caissons have been widely used in oil and gas structures. Recently it is attempted to be used as support structures for Offshore Wind Turbines. Similarly to conventional monopiles, suction caissons supporting Wind Turbines experience lateral displacement mainly due to wind and waves, though studies show that caissons have more long term performance against loading. This paper aims for highlighting the stiffness behavior of caissons in the elastic domain supporting Wind Turbines using the Fourier Series Aided Finite Element Method (FSAFEM) through sensitivity analysis considering the geometry of the caisson and variation of the soil stiffness with depth.

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Volume 5 : Issue 2
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