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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Behavior of Screen-Grid Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Reinforced Concrete Walls Under Seismic Loads



The current research addresses Screen Grid Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Reinforced Concrete walls, an innovative system that combines structural strength and sustainability. The system however is still developing with relatively few researches and yet not acknowledged by several design codes. The aim of this work is to further evaluate the structural behavior of SGICF walls. Results of this research may lead to and performed. The test program consisted of six walls that were divided into two sets. The first set was tested under combined axial and lateral monotonic load and the second set was tested under combined axial and cyclic lateral load. Each set consisted of three walls; a wall without openings, one with a window opening and the other with a door opening. The configuration and reinforcement of the walls in the two sets were similar. This part of the research aims at understanding the effect of seismic loading on SGICF walls. Accordingly, a cyclic loading experimental program was performed to simulate earthquake action. Results of the cyclic loading test program indicated the energy dissipation capacity of the tested walls as well as their stiffness degradation under this type of loading. The aim of the monotonic loading experimental program was to act as control specimens to evaluate the effect of cyclic loading. The test showed the cracking pattern, lateral load resisting capacity, energy dissipation and stiffness degradation of the different walls under the two types of loading. These results may be very useful for the design of SGICF walls under seismic loads.

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