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Correct Posture of Human Beings for Pain Reduction using EMG Signals



Pain is an unpleasant feeling, which causes discomfort and can range from mild to chronic. It can be due to physical and emotional experience. About 80 % of adults experience low back pain (LBP) at some point in their lifetimes.The purpose of this study is to record the sEMG signals of the human back to enlighten the correct posture to be maintained to reduce pain due to the different occupations, especially in the low back region. The spine especially lumbar vertebrae are considered as major elements to diagnose the lower back problems. These lower back disorders are mainly caused due to the various dynamic stresses developed by the compression of the lumbar vertebrae. Surface electrodes were used to record EMG of lower back, in the forward and backward direction from Yaxis,placed at different positions of vertebrae of the lumber region to have a view on the stress level of muscles involved in the movement. In this paper few features of EMG signals are analyzed using MATLAB.The present work is a study on the knowledge of force/EMGrelationship which is an experimental method to analyze force/stress on the lower back. The present research utilizes sEMG signals obtained from the lumbar region to establish theforce/EMG relationship. In this research, force/EMG relationship in different sitting postures from the sagittal plane has been studied to adopt the proper posture to avoid stress.However, it is not possible to control or overcome all the factors to reduce low back pain but one can control the occupational low back pain by maintaining proper posture and by providing adequate support to the back. This research presents a technique for general quantitative analysis of musculoskeletal impact using sEMG through the evaluation of different sitting postures from the sagittal plane to assess the lower back muscles.Experimentally, EMG activity has been measured on L3 and L5 is statistically (significantly) different atdifferent sitting posture with and without backrest and used to determine the minimum stress levels to move in the direction of pain reduction for better efficiency.

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