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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Handover Management Optimization over LTE -A Network using S1 and X2 handover

Author(s) : H.A. SAKR, M.A. MOHAMED


Handover is one of the essential components in the mobility management of wireless systems. It allows the client equipment (UE) to connect between LTE-A networks. The variables that can influence this handover performance are the kind of interfaces in which the handover exists, either X2 or S1 interface, the mobility of the UE and the QCI (Quality of Service Class Identifiers). S1 interface associates the eNodeB to the EPC. It divided into double interfaces, one for the user plane and the other for the control plane. The mobility within LTE-A/SAE as well as mobility to other systems using both 3GPP and non-3GPP technologies. X2 is a new kind of interfaces introduced by the LTE-A Radio Access Network. Neighboring eNodeBs are linked in a peerto-peer fashion to perform handover and provide a means for the rapid coordination of radio resources. This research looks at the handover parameters (e.g. EPS bearer bit loss, BLER, throughput, SNR, LTE-A delay) on the mobile user and eNodeBs. Performance of three different applications measured, namely, Video data streaming, Voice traffic and HTTP web browser running on a mobile user were evaluated with a background traffic. This case study proposes the two types of handover X2 and S1 parameters to achieve a maximum possible quality of multimedia streaming services. Furthermore, discuss the effectiveness of using X2 handover and S1 handover on the overall network performance. Using OPNET Simulator 17.5, it concluded that X2 handover is preferred to operate compared with the S1 handover, also is a very good choice for all multimedia services and the overall network performance.

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Page(s) : 98 - 104
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Volume 8 : Issue 2
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