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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Theoretical Agile Process Framework for Mobile Application Development, Success Factors, and Evaluation



Mobile computing has now emerged as one of the main platform for advertising, e-commerce and integration to enterprise information system. Understanding this, A comprehensive model as an established software engineering methodology was proposed for mobile application, critical success factors and evaluation through theoretical agile process framework. It consist of four major parts namely: (A) Agile Methodology appropriate for mobile application, (B) Phases of Agile Software Process, (C) Critical Success Factors for Mobile Applications Development using Agile Methodology, and (D) Evaluation Criteria for Agile Mobile Application Development. For the development of the model, a Design Science Research (DSR) was adopted which is extensively used in information systems research to solve complex problems. DSR is not only appropriate to solve organizational problems in specific domains but also adequate to produce artifacts as it is the case of our model. It can be concluded that as Agile Methodology and approach has been becoming increasingly adoption in enterprise application development, the propose model illustrate the integration of the important components, attributes and factors for a successful mobile application development and deployment.

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Page(s) : 88 - 92
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Volume 8 : Issue 2
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