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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Development of an AR System for Excavators : AR Navigator



The A ugmented R eality technology has developed across many different fields and attracted a lot of attention as an approach to increase the efficien cy of construction projects in the field of civil engineering for the last ten years. This study thus set out to develop an AR system called AR Navigator to increase the efficiency of excavators with t he use of AR technology. The AR Navigator was designed to perform three major functions to offer three types of visual information and provide excavator operators with information about changes to the field of excavation, distance between a bucket and the ground and between a bucket and the plan side, and the maximum operating radius of an excavator at an arbitrary posi tion. The development of the AR Navigator would hopefully help to increase the efficiency of excavation works and ultimately establish a basic system for construction automation.

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Volume 8 : Issue 1
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