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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

A comparative study of Service Brokers scheduling policies in Cloud Computing



The growing importance of the cloud has attracted many researchers to look for possible improvements and contributions in the field. Their initiations were driven either by personal interests or funded by enterprises.Moreover, Cloud Computing is continuously evolving to meet users' needs and expectations which make it even more attractive. And one of the most interesting research topics is the service brokerage scheduling policy, because of its importance as a routing policy, which could form a bottleneck in the process. This article is a comparative study and analysis on some of the previously done work in the field; it fully explains the role of the service broker scheduling policy in the cloud and summarizes all the work in a single resource for researchers. The advantages and drawbacks are highlighted in terms of factors involved in the decision-making process. By the end of this article, a researcher will be able to formulate own theories about possible areas of improvements, where we have found that having a fully optimized service broker policy is very important in the cloud. Possible research approaches are also suggested in the summary and findings.

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Page(s) : 69 - 75
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Volume 8 : Issue 2
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