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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Joint Radio Resource Management and Power Control in a Multi-Cell Cellular Distributed Antenna System with Jain Fairness



In this paper, power control problem is studied focusing on interference mitigation by using CoMP (Coordinated Multipoint Transmission) in a downlink, multi-cell cellular distributed antenna systems (DAS). In each cell, there are geographically distributed remote radio heads which have lossless connection to base-stations. There are multiple user equipments (UE) in each cell, and can simultaneously receive and combine signals from multiple RRHs. System-wide throughput is maximized subject to maximum RRH transmission power limit with different Jain Fairness indexes (JFI). Throughput behavior with respect to different maximum RRH transmission power limit and JFIs is investigated. Particle Swarm Optimization PSO), which is an evolutionary algorithm, is used as a solver. Due to not only the non-convexity and non-linearity of the problem, but also having a multi-modal cost surface, solution of the optimization problem may be local optimum. Thanks to PSO, even if for the problems with high complexity, optimal and/or sub-optimal solutions can be obtained if settings of PSO is adjusted correctly.

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