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RLG Dither Removal Us ing Wavelet Transforms



Ring Laser Gyroscopes (RLGs) are widely used in many airborne and navigation systems for accurate measurement of the true rotation of the body movement. But the RLGs suffer a serious problem at low frequencies known as Lock –in frequency. To avoid lock-in problem, the RLG is vibrated mechanically to a high frequency which is known as Dithering. In order to get the true rotation of the body the dither signal has to be removed. Single stage, multistage and multirate filters are suggested to remove the dither signal. These filters have the disadvantage that either the FIR filter length is too large or the phase characteristics are not linear. In this work multiresolution techniques using Wavelet Transforms (WTs) are used to remove the dither signal. Six level multi resolution analysis is carried out with various types of wavelets like Discrete Meyer and Daubechies 45 (db45) etc. With none of the standard wavelets, the original and reconstructed signals are matched. A new wavelet is designed to remove the dither signal. The required signal can be constructed back using the approximation coefficients at level 6. The dither signal is attenuated by 265 dB, and the phase characteristics are found to be linear in the pass band. The computational complexity is also less compared to the three stage combined filter reported earlier

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