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Effect of spatial soil variability, incline of slopes and seismic stimulation on permanent seismic slope displacement



The parameters of shear strength,even within the same soil layer, will vary from point to point as a result of the natural heterogeneity of the materials. Stochastic methods have been introduced to calculate the uncertainty and spatial variability of soil parameters [1]. As opposed to deterministic methods, probabilistic methods allow the selection, based on the specifications of each project, of an acceptable risk level. Moreover, such methods are consistent with the concept of risk parameters of soil vibration and constitute their extension at the fault indicators level, being directly related to the performativity of constructions [2].The main objective of this paper is to investigate the effect of spatial variability of soil, the slope of the banks and of seismic excitation on permanent seismic displacements [3]. The calculation of permanent displacements within probabilistic frames is achieved by combining the Local Average Subdivision (LAS) algorithm introduced by Fenton and Vanmarcke in 1990 [4] and finite difference software FLAC (Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua) used in this paper [5].

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