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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Analytical Hierarchy Process Method for Finding Suitable Urban Participative Management



The drainage network system in an area is designed to accommodate the normal flow of water. On The other hand performances of a city drainage network system is influenced significantly by the community involving throught a called particivative management patterns. This paper aims: 1)To evauate evaluate the performance of the drainage network system in Bendung watershed; 2) To measuring and finding out the level of community understanding of the functioning of sustainable drainage systems, and the level of community awareness; 3) To formulates, and develops Policy Support System (PSS) based on a community participation as drainage network rehab. The important of research has to be done is consider to the lack of integration of watershed system and partisivative management in drainage. It is according to interrelation between existing watersheds and community. The inclusion of public participation has not been optimal.This research using descriptive evaluative method, and Likert scale to grab qualitative data. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method used to formulate Policy Support System of environmentally sustainable drainage system. The research result showed that community participation could be one of the factors that make performances of Bendung watershed drainage can improved better.

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