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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Influence of FRP Reinforcement Ratio on Flexural Behavior of Concrete One-Way Slabs



This paper presents an experimental study on the flexural behavior and ultimate capacity of reinforced concrete(RC) one-way slabs reinforced with FRP bars. Flexural tests were performed on four concrete one-way slab specimens that were loaded until failure. The main parameters in the conducted experiment were the reinforcement type (Basalt FRP bars, and Glass FRP bars), and the reinforcement ratio (1.4 fb and 2.8  fb).The one-way slabs' mid-span deflection and compressive strain were measured and recorded. The test results showed that the increase in the reinforcement ratio improved the flexural capacity of the one-way slabs significantly. Moreover, the onewayslabs with GFRP bars as reinforcement recorded slightly higher flexural capacity than that of BFRP bars as reinforcement. The test results obviously indicated that both Basalt FRP and Glass FRP bars can be used as an alternative construction material.

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Volume 5 : Issue 1
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