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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Investigation on composite polymer and silica fume rubber aggregate pervious concrete



Many researchers are trying to obtain a pervious concrete with better physical and mechanical properties to be used in pavement. To achieve the optimized pervious concrete, different researchers have been using different materials, especially those waste materials which are existing worldwide, specifically in the compactly populated areas. Discarded tires are among them and rubber tire particles are being currently used to be considered as recycled waste materials. In this paper a combination of polymer,silica fume and rubber aggregate from rubber tire particles were used to obtain an optimized pervious concrete. The produced concrete’s properties were studied. The results indicate that this pervious concrete with the optimum replacing ratio of silica fume,polymer and rubber aggregate to mineral aggregate has higher flexural and compressive strength. The relative flexural and compressive strength of this pervious concrete has been increased 31% and 18% compared to the mineral aggregate pervious concrete. The most properties of this pervious concrete are enhanced. The impact resistance of this pervious concrete is improved 8% compared to mineral aggregate pervious concrete and the permeability meet the standard of Open-Graded Fraction Course. This pervious concrete significantly reduces the elasticity modulus of usual pervious concrete. The impact resistances improved remarkably

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Volume 5 : Issue 1
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