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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Dynamic Response of Air Cushion Vehicles Skirt under High Pressure Bubble Impact



Skirt is a part of air cushion vehicle(ACV) which plays a substantial role to create an over-pressure (above atmospheric pressure) between floor of structure and water surface. This pressure lifts main hull structure in order to travel through different surfaces as sea-surface, mud, and land. A suitable materials of ACV’s skirt is necessary to survive ACV before high-pressure bubble in under-water explosion (UNDEX).This paper builds up a technique which connects together the finite element method (FEM) and Coupled Eulerian- Langrangian (CEL) strategy to simulate and modify predicted data whereas the high-pressure bubble impact air cushion vehicle(ACV). To prove the promising results of this technique, authors conducted two feature studies from Klaseboer et al. (2005) [1] and A. M. Zhang again in Abaqus software [2], which showed the precision of the calculation model and method. With the similar above model,finite element simulation of the ACV’s skirt model subjected to high-pressure bubble impact that were presented,and discussed the skirt response of the hovercraft model. The consequences of numerical methodology could be as an important reference to outline ACV’s skirt structure.

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