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Decreasing of Traffic Delay With Intellegent Transportation System ITS



This study investigated the effect of speed management and ramp metering on traffic delay along arterials in Istanbul-Turkey. Urban arterial congestion is a recurring problem that affects urban traffic flow. Data were collected along 5·7 km long westbound approach arterial from the Anatolian side of Istanbul to the bridge initiated a study to investigate methods to mitigate congestion through traffic management and improved traffic flow. A micro simulation model based on traffic data using VISSIM software package suggested the applicability of traffic speed management along the existing infrastructure to relieve congestion and provide flow stability. Simulation was conducted along five hour which is the period of recorded data from 6:30 to 11:30 Am. The results indicated that the speed management could decreased traffic delay by an approximate 8% of delay from the existing value of 242 s/vehicle at 36 km/h to 202 s/vehicle at 65 km/h speed limits. Also, there were about of 17% increase in the total number of served vehicles from 23 844 vehicles/5 h to 28 244 vehicle/5 h. On the other hand, the optimum cycle time for ramp metering signal was 18 second. Applying of ramp metering strategy for 18 second cycle time led to 13,3% reduction in delay and 6.3 % increasing in flow speed. Finally,if ramp metering and speed management are applied together,the average delay is reduced to 188 seconds / vehicle from 242s/vehicle ( reduction in average delay by 25% ). Also, average speed was increased by a 13% increase (from 36 to 41 km / h and).

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