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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

A New Binder Mineral for Cement Stabilized Road Pavement Soils



Long-term performance of pavement structures is significantly impacted by the stability of the underlying soils. In situ subgrades often do not provide enough support required to achieve acceptable performance under traffic loading and environmental demands. NovoCrete® is a powder binder mineral for cement stabilized road pavements soils. NovoCrete® combined with Portland cement at optimum water content increases the crystallize formations during the hydration process, resulting in higher strengths, neutralizes pH levels, and provides water impermeability. These changes in soil properties may lead to transforming existing unsuitable in-situ materials into suitable fill materials.It can be used also for stabilization of recyclable aggregates and old asphalt pavement aggregate, etc.In the road construction works, this binder material is used for cement stabilization works.

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Page(s) : 32-36
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Volume 5 : Issue 1
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