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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Numerical Analysis of R/C Cylindrical Shell with Hoop Edge Beams under External Pressure

Author(s) : TAKASHI HARA


Reinforced concrete (R/C) cylindrical shell with hoop edge beams was analyzed by using the nonlinear FEM.R/C shell with free edges must be stiffened by the edge beam.From the numerical results of the previous papers, the minimum size of the edge beam was placed on both hoop edges under self weight as the beam having the maximum ratio of the strength to the weight. In this paper, three kinds of connecting position between R/C shell and the edge beam were considered.One was the concentric connection of R/C shell and the beam (Type C). The second one was the shell connected at the top of the beam (Type L). The third one was the shell connected with the bottom of the beam (Type U). R/C shell was pin supported on the meridian and free on the hoop edges. Uniformly distributed pressure was applied to the model. From the numerical analyses, it was concluded that Type L was efficient.

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Volume 5 : Issue 1
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