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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Study of Soil Erosion around an Island in a Natural Stream



As per Government of India, India is losing 5,334 million tonnes of soil every year due to soil erosion [The Hindu, Nov 26, 2010]. Another survey says soil erosion in India estimated to be occurring on 147 million hectares of land including 94 mha from water erosion, 16 mha from acidification, 14 mha from flooding, 9mha from wind erosion, and 7 mha from a combination of factors. [R.Bhattacharya, Sustainability 2015, 7].In this study based on mobile river bed setup, plan form development around an island and corresponding soil erosion and deposition are evaluated. Directional current (DCM) and acoustic Doppler Velocity (ADV) meters are used for the field measurements of velocity and turbulence particularly in the interface region between main channel and floodplain. The values of local shear velocity and roughness length for the reach under study being calculated and analyzed using measured velocity data in order to provide a scientific pattern of plan form development. Measurements are carried out through different steps. Such as, Measurement of Discharge by Electronic Flow Meter, Discharge measurement using V Notch, Measurement for the Velocity Distribution with the help of ADV, The value of dry density are computed by using the observed value of bulk density and antecedent moisture content. The void ratio was derived from the computed value of dry density of the sediments.

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