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Encounter-History Based Fast Routing for Post-Disaster Communication in DTNs



Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) are characterized by the absence of end-to-end path. One potential application of such networks is post-disaster environment, where conventional network infrastructure is fully or partially destroyed. Routing is a challenging issue in DTNs because of intermittent connectivity. Most of the traditional DTN routing schemes do not consider the contact history of the nodes for data delivery. The history of encounter of a node with the other nodes gives valuable information about the network topology. In this paper, a set of potential relay nodes is primarily chosen based on available buffer space and residual energy of the nodes in the network. Among the potential relays, one is selected considering the value of a metric which is designed based on the encounter history and residual energy. The node with the highest value of this metric is finally selected as a relay. The performance of our proposed scheme is evaluated in ONE simulator considering a post-disaster situation analysis application. In this application, messages need to be delivered to the destination as fast as possible which implies to keep delay as low as possible. Comparative results show that the proposed scheme delivers significantly faster, i.e. lower delay than the existing state-of-the-art competing schemes while keeping an acceptable delivery ratio

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