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Trend Analyses of Critical Values Obtained for Minimum CBR Distance Achievable in Ubicomp MANETs Using Location-Aware Transmission Strategies



Pervasive computing constitute of many sub fields including location-tracking, ubicomp functionalities and MANET transmission strategies, which are stressed to serious research [1-59]. Albeit these efforts, their merging still has a long way to go before fruitfully materialising. More precisely here, the enforcement of location-aware transmission strategies is prospected to enhance energy management in ubicomp. Such enhancements expected [1] englobes improvements in location accuracy and refresh rates, the application of land-based GPS systems, development of better protocols optimised for transmission according to distance criteria and refining the precision of the distance criteria to apply the protocol. The learning of distance coverages by transmitted packets in ubicomp environments and corresponding variations over different node densities, is unquestionably advantageous for polishing transmission protocols in MANETs. One clear cut empirical study was conducted formerly [28] in which the metric Minimum CBR Distance, Min_CBR_Dist, was elaborated. This was strengthened by a study [44] where trends of parameters of equations for metric Min_CBR_Dist were analysed.

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