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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Near infrared reproduction of images whose originals have dual content



The painter Nada Žiljak has created two paintings at the same place. The other painting is observed by infrared camera. The oil paintings are done with colorants which absorbe infrared light. The results of new graphical reproductions which include visual and near infrared condition of the original visual act are presented in this paper. The paintig has been reproduced with the print colorants cyan, magenta, yellow and black on the linen. Digital ink-jet print contains double picture for visual and infrared spectrum. The reproduction of artistic painting has the same quality of visualization as it has its original, although these two pictures are dyed with different procedures, different colorants, different pigments, different techniques and different purposes. The spectral analysis of the light absorption in two areas are acomplished for all colorants: visual and infrared in the range of 400 to 1000 nm. The new algorythms have been developed as well as the programms for computer graphic in order to double mark image on the linen. The linen is used for the dress making which has invisible and hidden security graphic

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