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Trend Analyses of Critical Values Obtained for Sender Node Extra Energy Savings Achievable in Ubicomp MANET Against Direct Node-to-Node Location-Aware Transmission



Quite extensive research is ongoing concerning strategies of transmission and location aware transmission [1-47], though they are not fully merged. Such an eventuality is projected to bring betterment in ubicomp. The key factor over which such a merging will depend is correct protocol designs. At present stage, related research attempts are inappropriate for accurate implementations [85] due to present heuristic approaches for protocol designs. Middleware services and applications are also subject to enhancements [86]. More adapted network architecture for ubicomp is also required [87]. A distant objective in this direction is to achieve realism in design and evaluation of wireless routing protocols [88]. Such direction of research will also yield more precise components for predictability in ubicomp. Realism is quite laborious to achieve since it has to cover each aspect related to ubicomp. One such aspect was studied in a prior research [16] to assess the trend of extra sender node energy savings achievable in MANETs (SLNTNES) against direct node-to-node transmission under different sets of node densities in a ubicomp environment. This was followed by the study of trends for each SLNTNES parameter of equations

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