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Trend Analyses of Parameters of Equations for Range CBR Distance Achievable in Ubicomp MANETs Using Location- Aware Transmission



The use of MANET transmission methods is considered as probable solution to the problem of inadequately equipped MANET environments. Such situations are very probable in the near future. Significant performance of MANET radically rely on correctly designed protocols for transmission [80]. Adjusting such strategies with location-awareness is believed to uplift the energy management standards and explains all endeavour input by many researchers. Some expected near future deliverables include land-based GPS systems, improved location refresh rates and accuracy, development of sophisticated transmission protocols and less expensive hardware with greater performance. Readily available empirically formulated knowledge concerning trends of distance coverages by transmitted packets in a ubicomp environment over varying node densities, is irrefutably conducive towards refining transmission protocols in MANETs. Accordingly, one such relevant study was conducted in a prior paper [29], whereby metric R_CBR_Dist was discussed

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Volume 8 : Issue 1
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